Still in Lake Malawi, まだ続くマラウイ湖畔滞在
Senga Bay was pretty nice place to chill out, so I stayed for couple of nights.
Seemed there was a commercial fishery. Their fishing boats were bigger than others I've seen in Lake Malawi.

Senga Bay もなかなか面白い場所で2泊した。ここはちゃんとした漁協のような物があって、船も大きめで取れる魚の量も多いらしい。

They catch fish by lighting.

In the morning, there were many people on the beach and buying fish from fisher man. Chambo fish is one of the most expensive fish. A big one was priced 1000MK about $2.

朝砂浜には沢山の人が出ていて、仲買人が漁師から魚を買っていた。Chambo というマラウイの高級魚、大きな魚は1000クワチャ近くする。

It was a bit too expensive to buy for a dinner since Hide-san and I were planing to make fish soup. We bought a butter fish and blue fish instead.


The soup was very simple. He used only Dashi, a based soup. Then, we just dipped boiled fish on Tare, a sauce for dipping that he made with soy sauce and lemons.


We challenged for fishing as well though caught nothing.

It was last day for enjoying lake Malawi. I have to be back on the road again.

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