Back on the Road to Lilongwe, 久々に走り始めてリロングウェ
since Lilongwe is located high elevation, about 1100m, I had to cycle mainly up. The gap from the lake was only 600m, but it was a big work out for me because I had been out of bicycle for about 2 weeks.
One night at Chezi.


Open market was really alive with shoppers.


The only guest house in this village was 500MK, about $1.2 per night!!

この村に1件だけあった宿は何と1泊500クワチャ 約120円。安かろう悪かろうで、案の定ダニに噛まれました。

From Lilongwe, I was suppose to go down to Zimbabwe via Mozambique. However, I found Mozambique embassy in Lilongwe was not issuing any visa at this moment. They told me to come back some time in next week.
I can get a single visa at the border but it will be $80, stupidly expensive.
I thought this was a sort of sign from the God to tell me not to go there.
My decision was easy; going to Zimbabwe via Zambian route.


In Lilongwe, I had an opportunity to meet people from JAICA, the Japanese government fund organisation helping developing countries.
They were on the project for Malawi's education reform.
What they do was really interesting.


As I had been on volunteer works in Ishinomaki, I felt a link to what they do for other countries. We had endless conversations until midnight. Interesting people and having some alcohols made enthusiastic night.

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