Cycling Zambia, ザンビア走ってます

5 days from Lilongwe, keep pedaling to the West. This is middle of rain season. The vegetation is so green.


African Sky. Wow always

I have been getting many flat since Zambia. I am not sure but guess its because of many broken glass on the road.


As soon as I crossed the border of Zambia, the price of things became triple up to 5 times as much as in Malawi.
Just a shitty guest house costs $10. Now, I am back to camping strategy as I had been doing before.


I'm camping at a community or villages. It's tiring but fun. I'm always surrounded by kids.


Zambian is also gentle as other black African countries. The differences as far as I've found are more cars and distance between villages are wider.
In Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi, I could find a place to eat easily at noon. However, Zambia is difficult.


I don't have much complain but the only thing I hate here is too many drunk people.
Almost all adult who tried to talk to me were drunk.
The one who drunk a bit is okay but I hate some for too drunk.


Now, I'm trying to get to the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka. From there, I have to decide to go south, Harare or go west, Livingstone.

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