I think of Africa, アフリカについて思う事
Kids are always sweet. Their cloth are normally really torn out and they don't wear shoes, but their smile is always really blight.


Not only kids, people always gave me warm greeting, especially when men on old chinese bike with a lot of things on the back smiled to me as they passed by, I always felt really warm.
These days, one thing keeps staying in my mind, it doesn't go away.


Many people dominated the image of Africa as poor, unhappy, unfair etc.. all kind of negative perspectives.
However, since I have been cycling Africa for quite a while and communicated with many different families and people, I started feeling that the image of Africa I had might have been wrong.

Do they actually have decent happiness or peace as African?
What people do to Africa is just self satisfaction, isn't it??

In our measurement, of cause African's life is hard and sentimental. But actually this is Africa, what we as people from developed countries thought to be hard or sentimental is nothing special, really normal life for African.


Now, there are many organization and individual have been helping African countries.
What I've seen for African was that help or supports by others became very common in Africa. It seemed people were expecting somebody's help. They don't try to do things by themselves.
For instance, now many schools and hospitals have been established, but the skill and motivation of teachers and nurse are very poor. They don't try to improve education or medical level of their counties because U.S. aid, JAICA, World Vision, whatever will support.


Support is easy if you just send some money or things. Of cause as African, if someone gave them things for free, it's the best. However, just giving things will make people spoiled.
If someone really want to support, they should help to educate how they make money or things. Do things by themselves.


It's hard to explain in English but it was what I was thinking.
Cycling Africa gives me many ideas and things. I think it was right choice that I chose to come Africa.

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