To the West or South, 西か南か
Lusaka was very civilized city. Big shopping malls were crowded by local people. The gap of people's life between country side and here was huge.


Super market was just like one in western countries. The price of goods were also almost the same. Since I came from Malawi, the cheapest country to live in Eastern Africa, I was very shocked how things got so expensive.


I've been thinking how I would move after Lusaka. If I go to the west towered Livingstone, the distance to Cape Town is closer. However, I started interested in going to Zimbabwe because some cyclists I met on my way told me they had this country the most interested.
Zimbabwe is one of the trouble spot in east Africa, the only country where the history of civilization had been created and Mr. Mugabe has been running as president.
That sounds interesting, isn't it?


I decided to go south to Zimbabwe. But there was one concerning on the way.
From the border of Zimbabwe, the stretch about 80km, a safari area covers entire region including the main road. Some people warned for animals such as elephants and lions.
I've heard that the American cyclists I met in Lusaka had hitched for this section. I was getting nervous.
This turned into another headache even though I could make a desolation of my way.

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