Safari by bicycle, 自転車でサファリ
I reached to the Zambezi river where a border of Zimbabwe was situated.


The visa was supposed to be $30, but an official told me that they had changed the price to $50 yesterday. Okay, I told him, I pay you if you give me a receipt. Then he wrote the receipt of $30 and didn't ask me another $20 again.
What a small ass he was.


From this point, I decided to cycle. What made the decision was the first, there were quite many trucks running from and to Zambia on the road. The second was the big cats normally stay in shade during hot day time, I hope. To be hornets, I was totally nervous.


In Zimbabwe side of Zambezi river, there were many elephant shit on the road. The grass on the side of the road was grew enough to cover inside of bush. I couldn't really see what were inside.


I had been watching around while cycling, and every time when a bird flew up, I was astonished.
I saw many animals feed on grass, so some animals harmful for those grass eaters such as lions must be somewhere around.
For 40km to the entrance of mana pool N.P. where some ranger stayed and 20km from this point to the main ranger station, I had been very nervous and uncomfortable.


I saw an elephant. The accuracy of my camera was really bad for zooming.


In the end of the day, I finally arrived to a small village called Makuti. I was really off stress when I saw a person walking.
This village was still in safari area so I asked a police station for camping in their property. I was safely slept inside of fences in this night.


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