On my way to Harare, ハラレに向かう道中
I safely cycled through Safari area and have been cycling towered Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. The scenery was like pretty much the same as others.


In Zimbabwe, I occasionally saw a big farm, and it was all fenced off. They use trackers and heavy machinery. Seemed more civilized agriculture has been organized in here, Zimbabwe.


I had been greeted by people like "Hello Muzungu" on my way in other countries. However, here, people normally don't greet when they saw me; they just keep watching me. Then, as soon as I greet, they start talking to me endlessly; where are you from and going etc..
When I stopped by women for buying vegetables, I had been asked so many questions. Seemed Zimbabwe has also happy people.


This county had been governed by white racist minority. Those racial policy created a backlash oversea. Then, Patriotic native African group stood up including Mr Mugabe, the current president and took back the chair. Now this country has been mainly governed by native.
Still now, the feeling of native African is not really good for white people.


Zimbabwe has been struggling their uneasy political situation to be mended. They had a serious hyper inflation, and people couldn't buy anything by recent year. Now, their Zimbabwe dollar has been scrapped, and U.S dollar was replaced. Since then, the life is getting back to normal. I was sometime told by local people that Zimbabwe was now very safe country.


I was a bit nervous about security issue in Zimbabwe before coming but don't think I have to worry much since the face of people I saw in this country.


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