Good coincidence, 縁だね
Somehow many musicians were staying at the same guesthouse where I stayed. Some play marimba and some play guitars.
Camping was a bit expensive here; $9, but this guest house, it's small world backpackers was very comfortable.

ハラレで泊まっていた宿は偶然なのか何なのか楽器弾きが沢山集まっている宿だった。ギターやらマリンバやら世界から色々な人達が集結していた。なかなかな宿It's small world backpackers テント泊で$9 だけれどすごく居心地が良い。

There were Japanese musicians as well, and they were playing an instrument that I've never seen. They told me it was called Mbira in Zimbabwe.


This simple instrument sounds very nicely. Normally, couple or more are played together but even only one sounds very beautifully. I loved it.
Mbira is believed as the instrument that makes a sounds calling spirit of ancestor. In Zimbabwe, there are many animism left, so people still use Mbira to contact their ancestor.


For us as Japanese, animism is easy to understand. We enshrine a big tree or spiritual place as a god dwelling inside. We cerebrate "O-Bon", an invent cerebrating our ancestor once a year. Many people still love to visit spiritual places.


This spiritual invent calling spirit is actually rare in Zimbabwe. They don't do it many times; I've hard that they did only a few times during an year. When someone wants to ask or tell something to their ancestor, this event, they call "Function" will be scheduled.
When I was in Harare, I wasn't expect function. I was just enjoying listening the sound of Mbira.
It was just a coincidence. I met a Japanese Mbira player, Sumi who has been living with local Mbira player. He was visiting my guest house for refreshing from staying local house for long time. He told me that there would be the function next week at his host family's home, and anyone could be attended.
I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to see such an event, so I decided to extend my stay of Harare. My goal will be a bit delayed but it's no point to be hurly. I was very excited.

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