Staying in Mbare, ムバレで生活スタート
The ceremony will be held in Mbare, Chitungwiza, a town 30km south from Harare.


Mbare is a residence area where Black people had to live during racist white minority running government. Still now, all people living in Mbare are black and most of them are low income. This area is not very organized and crowded with small houses.


Local Mbira players live in this area, and Japanese Mbira player, Sumi lives together with them. I cannot imagine how tiring for him to live in this area. I'm really respect him.


I moved out from the guest house in Harare 5 days before the ceremony starts.
When I got there, Sumi's friends from Japan had already come. There were 4 Japanese started staying at this home.
In this local family, they had about 16 people, as long as I saw live in the same house, so 20 of us lived together.


I have stayed at local family of African for many times but this was the first time for long term.
I was a bit nervous at the beginning because this residence area was in Mbare. However, it was fun to live and good experience to see the life of people closely.

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