Function, 精霊の儀式まで
The perpetration of The ceremony had been already started when I got there. At the beginning, they start making local alcohol called "7 days". As the name shows, it has to be fermented for 7 days.

儀式の準備は7days と呼ばれる酒を作り初めるところから始まるそうだ。名前の通り、7日間かけて作る。自分が到着した時には既にドラム缶に入った大量のエキスが発酵を始めていた。

This woman from country village was in charge of it.

She was also a good teacher for kids. I saw many times she scolding little boys.


Children were always sweet. In many African family, there were some little kids, so the family is generally busy.
Also, in many case, some freeloaders live in the family, so the family became even more crowded by them.


After few days, the time had been come. Many people started coming to the house. By the late afternoon, the living room was full of people.
The woman brought "7 days" in some cray pods, and the ceremony had been started.


As the sun went down, Mbira was started playing. We drunk alcohols and danced, and the ceremony became more and more fervent.


People kept coming in. By the mid night, the ceremony became full of excitement. We danced like crazy even the women with babies.


As the excitement reached to the peak, the Mbira master player, Garikayi was started changing his behavior. He stopped playing and talking uncertain way. He stood up and moved away to a room. After a while, he came back with a decorated hair ornament on his head. Seemed a spirit got into his body.


After some moment, another person had started shaking crazy and talking strange way.
From this point, the time of contact with spirit had been started. We, just guests or mbira players have no way to interrupt their conversation. The people who needed to talk have a chance to talk to the spirit now.
The old man of sponsor for this event was already drunk but in this time, he was very patient.


I gave up at 3am by drinking and dancing since late afternoon. I crashed in to the bed and slept like dead man.
This ceremony wouldn't be finished by next day and keep continuing.


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