Function day2, 精霊の儀式2日目
In the Next day, I was woke up by Mbira music. The ceremony was still continued. Players kept playing Mbira alternately.
When I went to the living room, many people had been gone and some were sleeping on the floor. Everyone seemed exhausted.


Women of this house had no time to rest. They were already up and started preparing breakfast.


The sponsor guy also seemed exhausted. However, he looked happy since he had enough conversation with the spirit.


At the noon, the ceremony was still on going. We were exhausted and very hungry.
It's time for the lunch. They had had some alive chickens yesterday. They killed those in this morning and treated all the guests with them.


I don't know when the spirits went away from the body but by the noon, Garikayi became normal already. Another person who had shaken last night was gone.
By the late afternoon, many people had been gone. Then, the sponsor guy talked in front of the people, and they played Mbira to bring to the finish the ceremony. It was finally ended, I thought.


Even though the ceremony was over, there were still a lot of alcohol, 7days left. We kept drunk and played Mbira.
I don't know when it was exactly over but seemed ended when we drunk all alcohol.
Through this experience, I was more interested in Zimbabwe and loving people here. Their spiritualism and hospitality seemed the link to Japanese culture.

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