Broken pump, 空気入れ壊れる
It's been a while since I was out of pedaling. Now started cycling again. The weather was good so nice to cycle.


I have been having hard time for punctures these days. I have to fix it almost every two days. I got used to it, but it was not easy in this time.
I got my pump broken so couldn't get the air in by any how.
Some local people helped me but not successful.


Then, a local man came to me and bring me to a farmer. We walked with my tire for 30min. Then, we found the pump from junk pile. It worked, so I could get the air in.


I started cycling without the pump so was a bit nervous. If I get the puncture again on my way, it would be a disaster.
Eventually, I survived and arrived to a town without problems. Then I found the same pump I used at the farmer's home. I bought it. It was really cheap; only $2! worked fine.


My old pump was about $30. My new pump is only $2. I felt I was a bit stupid having expensive things. Cycling tour might be more easier than I thought. I think many people, including me are over investing for the equipments.
I could buy many good cheap things after I started my journey.

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