The Great Zimbabwe, グレートジンバブエ
I was heading to Great Zimbabwe ruin, a UNESCO sight.
It will be one of the highlights in Zimbabwe, so I was looking forward to visiting it.
This over thousand years old ruin is very rare in Africa because there are not any history of civilization left where Black African created in Africa.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 2/2 を表示

I have been cycling quite in a while in Africa now and started more understand the people here.
African is generally very individualists and don't have patriotic spirit for their country. Their behavior are pretty much depended on their family and tribe.
By that reason, Black African had not left any history of civilization. But it was exceptional for Zimbabwe.
Great Zimbabwe ruin is the trace of the history and people worked together for the nation.
This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. Many people in Zimbabwe is proud of this country.


I was thinking those things while riding to south. Then, after 4 days, I arrived to the ruin. In couple of nights on my way, people in the villages let me stay their home. The scenery became more like savanna.


The Ruins were made simply without mortar. They used many many rocks cut into similar shape.


In generally, Africans are lazy and work very slowly as long as I've seen so far. I couldn't imagine how long it took to be completed, and how difficult people supervised workers to get things done properly for such a big ruin. It was very impressive monument for me.


Zimbabwe is impressive country.
This is one of the most successful countries in Africa where Black African held main leadership.
Country is created by people. Those people have to be hard workers to make their country better, so I think Zimbabwean is more hard workers than other African nations.
They still have unique culture left such as music and traditional ceremony as well.
I like this country a lot.

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