Tiring 4 days, 苦痛の4日間
From the Great Zimbabwe ruin, I headed west. My next destination was Bulawayo. It took me for 3 nights. On this way, I had a bit of hard times.


In the first night, I arrived to the town called Mashava. I was thinking to stay this night at the police station.
I went there about 5pm. I had to wait till 6pm. Then, their answer was NO. Okay, I went to a primary school next and asked the head master. She told me to go to the police station. Okay, then I went to a church and asked a paster. He told me to go to the police station. Damn....all told me to go to the police even the paster. I told him I went there already but...
It started raining. I was very tired and frustrated.
It was already dark so no way to go back on the road.
My best choice was to go back to the police station again.
I went back and explained everything. They told me no at first but eventually I successfully convinced them to let me stay one night.
It was already passed 9pm. I was exhausted and slept like a dead body.


Next day, I ended up at a camp where construction workers stay.


They offered me to stay in one of the empty shade. It was great offer because I could avoid raining.
However, the shade was full of big spiders. It was not really conferrable.....


Then, my third night, I was camping at a farm.


They had couple of dogs. They were not dangerous but not friendly. I thought it would be fine for tonight. However, those dogs started pissing on my tent. It was not only once. They kept pissing at least 4 times as long as I saw.
The photo; I cleaned my tent and was drying it beside those dogs. Stupid dogs.


It was tiring for only 3 nights but now have already become an experience giving me laugh.

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