To the Victoria Falls, いざビクトリアの滝へ

In Bulawayo, I planed to leave my bicycle at a guest house and take a train to the Victoria falls. It is one of the"must see" sights on my list.
Falls are located 450km north from Bulawayo and since I wanted to go to Botswana, it would be a big detouring if I go there by bicycle. So I decided to take the train.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 2/2 を表示

For this side trip, other Japanese I met in Harare joined me.
It had been a while since I took a train at the last time. I was exited.


The train left 9:30pm, 2 hours behind actual schedule. We took a first class sleeper. It cost only $12. This train was very old but including a dining car. I thought it was way good enough for $12.


We drunk local beer "Chibuku" and then just enjoy talking to other passengers and seeing the views passing by.


I brought a speaker to enjoy some music.


The train arrived to the Victoria Falls station at 3pm. It took us 20hours.
When we were arriving to the station, we could see the splash from the falls.

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