The Victoria Falls
In the same day we arrived to the falls, we went to see the actual falls. It costs me $30, a bit expensive. As we walked through the forests, the sound of splashing started hearing.


We were moved by fall's great force. Volume of water was impressive. It was sometime hard to make a conversation properly because the sound of fall was really big.


It was the late afternoon, the sun light created beautiful rainbow.


As we walked towered the main fall, the splash started making rain. I had to have a brave to take my camera out. I've hard from coupe of Japanese that they got their camera broken by water.


At the main view point, the splash became falling bucket of water. No way to take a photo here. I put my camera and other things in two of ziplock bags.


I was soaked by the time we got to the end. It was good choice that I wore swimming pants.


There was the bridge over Zambezi river. It was constructed 1905.


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