Shopping Bulawayo, ブラワヨの買い物
I had another thing to do in Bulawayo before taking off. My cloth I've been wearing were really torn out. I was really looking homeless these days. I thought appearance was important when I ask for camping for someone.
I might have been rejected when I asked for camping at the police some days ago because of my cloth.
Since that reason, I went to the market to get new.


A Shorts and shirts were $17 total. I got a Zimbabwe country product, honey as well. It came with beehive inside and was really tasty.


Bulawayo was easy to walk.


It's been 3 days since I came back from the Victoria falls. I had the bad luck but the guest house I stayed was really nice place; Burks Backpackers Paradise Lodge.
It's almost a month since I came to Zimbabwe. I should take off to the next country.

滝から戻って来て何だかんだで3日、ネズミ被害はあったとはいえ今泊まっているBurks Backpackers Paradise Lodge はかなり居心地が良い。あと数日でジンバブエに入ってから1ヶ月が経とうとしている。もう出発しなければ。
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