To Botswana ボツワナへ
2 days from Bulawayo, I reached to the border of Botswana. I camped at the police station last night. Seemed my new cloth worked for appearing better.
I met a journalist for Zimbabwe chronicle and had an interview. She told that it would be on weekend newspaper. I'm regretted that I wouldn't be able to look at it since I am getting out of Zimbabwe.


Japanese doesn't need a visa for Botswana, so it was easy to cross the border. However, the regulation of bringing things into Botswana was more strict than I expected. I was forced to eat all bananas I had otherwise I loose all bananas.


Botswana is really a flat country. The scenery doesn't change for miles and miles, but the crowed on the sky was like one of the best art.


The population of this country is only 2 millions even though it is about 1.5 times as big as Japan. The most of the people stay in southern region, so the north where I'm cycling is very open. I don't see any people walking between the villages. Since that reason, I couldn't end up any village at the first night, so I camped in a farmland.


It was at least wild animal free since the farm was all fenced off, but the bells of caws were very noisy.

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