Okavango Delta, オカバンゴ湿原
I took only a day off and decided to join the tour from the camp.
This is a bit different from normal safari tour. We used a small raft to go through the Delta. Then camped in an island over night.


This raft is not really reliable looking but quite stable. It holds heavier things than I thought.


I went to the tour with 5 other guests, a guide and couple of women helping us.
We used three Mokoros and headed to the island where we had to camp.


There were many water lily in the Delta. The quiet surface was redirecting the sky. It was a heaven like atmosphere.
By the way, the stem of lily was eatable, so I picked some on the way to the camp and had those with tomatoes and beef I brought as dinner. It was grate taste.


The water of the river was browned by tannin and full of water plants on the bottom.
I've seen those plants at an aquarium shop in Japan but those I found here were much healthier.


We were on the Mocoro about 1.5h and arrived to the island.
Pitching our tents at the camp sight. The camp sight was located absolutely wildlife area, so anything could be happened in any time.


After pitching the tents, we had some free times. I tried to observe some life in the water.


I was so excited seeing those spices that I've seen in only aquarium. I got satisfied enough here already.
I started getting an idea of making an aquarium with African spices when I went back.


Other things we've done were swimming at a natural pool and walking safari in the late afternoon and next morning. We saw a group of zebras, impala, wildebeest, warthogs, jackal, owl, etc....


The best thing of this tour was camping in wildlife area. I have been cycling for over half year in Africa but have not really done for camping in the wildlife area. It was good opportunity.


During the night, it was quite creepy. I heard clearly Hyenas calling each other and owls.
The guide warned us about safety rules during the night.
The animals are very active during the night so had to be aware special attentions.
I was really scared to go to the toilet so just done at the bush nearby.
The guid told us that as long as we stay inside of the tents, we are 100% safe.
It was the really exciting night.


The morning sun rise. It was so beautiful.
The Okavango was the last long stop. I have only 2200km left to Cape Town. I will work very hard with my body and soul.

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