Crossing Kalahari Desert, カラハリ砂漠越え
The next destination is the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. I have to cross Kalahari desert. There are supposed to be nothing along the way. It will be 820km to go.
It would be very easy if I take a bus or taxi, but of cause not.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 2/2 を表示

The only I could see was bush, bush and bush. The scenery doesn't change for miles and miles.


I wished I had some music but didn't. My Chinese made MP3 player had been broken, and my iPhone didn't have any inside.
The Japanese things kept in my mind. Seemed homesick again. It is cherry blossom festival season right now. I wished I could go..... I'm cycling in nowhere.

音楽でもあれば良いのだけれど、手持ちの中国製スピーカーは壊れ、iphoneには音楽は入って無い。考えるのは日本の事ばかり。今頃花見か~ 花見しながら酒飲みたいな~

It was the first time to see the sign post with South Africa. It is only 2000km left. The distance was looked very short since I covered most of the distance already. I kept saying in my mind "I'm almost there"


There were nothing but not completely. There were some little villages and cattle posts along the way, so I could get some life supplies as I cycled at least 100km.


I camped one night at a cattle post. A caw guy gave me a watermelon. Inside of it was not red as I expected but the taste of it was watermelon.
Just grubbing inside was African style.


San Bush man was aboriginal African. They still live in this area. As I went to some villages, the people looked different from African. They were more brown, small eyes and simple face. Looked more like Asian. The woman at a restaurant where I had a lunch also belongs to San tribe.


They seemed more calm and quiet. They used to live in many part of Southern Africa but now only live in some part of Kalahari desert.


She cooked such a nice lunch. It was the best meal in Botswana.


There were a lot of butterflies along the way like a falling cherry blossom as I passed by.


The sun set in Kalahari Desert.

At a night, sparkling stars on the wide open sky. In the morning, waking up as the sun getting up.


Then, start cycling again....
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