I managed to arrive, 何とか着きました
Finally, "Finally", reached to Windhoek. I'm still in good mental condition...


Windhoek was different world compared to other countries in Africa I came through. It's hard to believe this is Africa.
I thought many white men when I arrived to Zambia but here, even more. Windhoek was like a town in Europe.
There were big shopping malls and supermarkets.


Things they had were as same as in Europe. Also the price was really expensive.
The first priority was resting, but I have some other things to do.
In this town, I have to buy more things than usual.


Since I had really hard time for pedaling from Botswana, I chose some routes where looked much enjoyable. However, there will be even more nothing.
The distance between villages or service station was about 200km to 300km. I have to carry more food and water.
I was very shocked when I saw the receipt after purchasing everything I need for next 4 days. It was about $40!! It was the most expensive purchasing in one shopping.


For other thing I bought in town, MP3 player with radio function.

I bought it in Indian shop. I sold a camera battery and charger and bought it about $10.
It looks rubbish so hope doesn't break in parts.


I also bought a bar tape for handle in a bicycle shop.

This bicycle shop does look good. Seemed they had many good stuff.


Will have to cycle 800km off road once I took off. It is my last challenge for sure. I will try my best with my body and soul.

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