am I okay? 大丈夫か?
Time for the last challenge. In the morning I leave after staying 4 nights, I was packing everything and preparing an adventure. Just about finishing all, I heard a strange noise like something snapped. I looked at my tent.


It was disaster. I would cry if this was the beginning of my journey. Don't forget, I've been traveling for long time. I prepared.
I checked my bag, grubbed a repair tool and fixed it.

うわぁ! 重要なポールが!旅始めなら泣きそうになってたかもしれない私、もうこんなハプニングは想定内。

I hoped nothing bad happened on my tent again. I will be in middle of nowhere for next few weeks.
After such a bit of hassle, I left here. I felt my bicycle was really heavy. Of cause, in this time, I carried 19 litters of water and food for 3 days. I felt an easy slope was very steep hill.


I was worry about myself and also my bicycle. But I have no choice. I have to go.


Once I left town, the traffic became very quiet. I enjoyed cycling. This is a bike ride supposed to be.


It was nice view on my way. However, very steep upping down. I sweated a lot.
Then passed a pass about 2100m.


I thought there would be down hill, but there were road going to horizon. It was not tiring because the scenery was good enough to forget my tough work.


The sky was so blue.

The road goes miles and miles. Nothing along my way.


This gravel road was not easy to cycle. If I choose a wrong track, I loose my control by loose gravel. I have to keep my eyes on my way carefully.


Next day, I had another pass but it was easy. I was already on higher elevation. It was nice view from the top. I like mountains a lot.


From this point, I was getting into desert.


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