into desert, 砂漠突入

I woke up by sound of thunder. Opened my tent and checked outside. There were very dark crowd on my destination.
I really didn't want to go but have to because I have only minimum supply. I have to get to the place to refill in certain date. I got rain of cause, but it was incredible view waited me after passing through this rain.
The plain had become all emerald green by rain fall.


The fresh grasses on the plain was shining by sun, and those were blew in soft wind.


I'm getting lower elevation as I am into the desert. It was hot. The strong sun burns my back. I was sweating a lot.
There were some nice people. I got some water and snacks from tourists on cars. It was giving me so much energy.


I don't see any local cars running. Only cats passing by were rental cars.


After hard work in a day, pitched my tent and prepared my dinner.

This is my favorite time of the day.

After cycling 260km and 4 days from Windhoek, I reached to the refill point, Soliter. I could manage the water, even I got some leftover because of some help from tourists.


Soliter was written on the map, but it was just a small service station. There was a small shop, so I could get some life supplies for next few days.

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