Sossusvley, ソススフレイ
This is the first stopping point, Sossusvley, one of "the Namibia" spot that I wanted to visit.


This huge area was covered by Namib Nakult Park, so there was many animals such as Oryx, windbik?, ostrich etc..
I wished I had a decent camera with zoom lens.


Even though I was close enough, the animals on the photos taken by iPhone was very small. Disappointing...

iPhone ねカメラだと例え動物が近くにいても点にしか映らない。

In Sossusvley, I planed to take a day off and to go inside of park.


From the entrance, the famous spot witch is the far end of the road is 60km away.
I didn't want to cycle, even it was not allowed for cycling, so I tried to ask people with car for the lift.
It was easy. I found a German couple going, and they gave me a ride.

エントランスから最深部の砂丘が集まる部分までは片道60km、ここは走るのが面倒なんで (ちなみに自転車走行は禁止らしい)、入園料を収める受付で便乗交渉。朝早かったのもあって大して苦もなく便乗成功。ドイツ人夫婦の車に乗せて頂き、いざ最深部へ向かった。

It was strange. The road on my way was all unpaved, but the road inside of the park was almost completely paved. It was fast to make 60km to the end.


The last part of the road, about 5km was too sandy to go by normal car. We left the car and switch to the shuttle, a normal tractor.


An unique dune, it was red. I've heard that Namib desert was the oldest desert in the world.


This dry valley, Death Souvley had been used for Japanese commercial on the TV.


The rain fall used to make a small pond but not anymore.
How many years those dead trees stand here.


As the time goes, the temperature became really hot, and it was too uncomfortable to stay here. I was cycling in desert in same condition but it was my day off, I have to take it easy. I gave up and went back to the entrance.


For about half day, I spent for the rest. The camp site was really expensive, about $12 for one night. The entrance fee of the park was about $7. I felt ripped off. It's okay. This is the day off. I finished washing myself and my dirty stinky cloth. Then don't forget, cold coca cola and beer. I'm ready from tomorrow.

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