Struggling, 死闘
Exhausting...really. Moving 70km in a day is maximum even though I worked with 120% of my power.


In this photo, the road looks okay, but in reality , it was really collugated and loose gravel.


The wind was from east. As long as I'm going south or south west, it's fine, but once the road moves east towered, the force of it was strong enough to slow me down a lot.


I'm a bit sulking every time tourists on the cars passed by.
After a day of big work out, I became like a knocked out boxer; laying down and don't move for awhile.


The beautiful sunset and sparkling stars are only anchor to my soul.


The road condition from Betta was the worst. I shouted like "Fuck off!!" in many times. There were no animals listening anyway.


My MP3 player that I just bought in Windhoek was broken, what a rubbish Chinese product was. I am knocked out again.


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