Out of hell 悪路脱出

The road became paved after 700km struggling. Then I reached to a little village, Aus.


I haven't talked to anyone for last few days. I have to stretch my tongue to be able to keep my mental healthy. I went to a camp ground to find someone to talk with. There was no one unfortunately.
A woman, the owner I found lately, was grumpy some how. Seemed I have to be quiet for next few days as well.


This grumpy mama had a little shop at just cross the street. It was the only shop in Aus.
The everything in this shop was so expensive. For example, a 330ml coca cola was about $1. 500ml of milk was $1.5. One onion was $0.4. Those I needed were awfully expensive.

この無愛想なおばちゃんの経営する売店はキャンプ場の通り挟んで向かいで、Ausで唯一の売店。この売店、やたらと品物が高い。普通のスーパーで買う倍近い。コーラ缶が約100円、牛乳500ml 150円、玉ねぎ一個40円、全く狂っている。

I was suppose to be willing to spend money here after working so hard, but since those reason; grumpy mama and highly priced supplies, I kept my money in my pocket.


However, I took a day off in this camp. I was exhausted so definitely needed to have some rest. The camping fee was surprisingly reasonable; it was about $7 per night.
I'm almost South Africa! Only 300km to the border.

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