Now, I'm in Clanwilliam, an old little town 230km north from Cape Town.

今、ケープタウン北230km、Clanwilliam という古い小さな町に滞在中。

It's like a country town in Australia.

小さな町 Clanwilliam。オーストラリアの地方みたいな雰囲気。

The Rooibos tea factory.

From this point, I am getting into an area where more interesting places are, so I stopped by this town to get some informations. Also, I felt I had to have some rest.
The campground was very expensive; 130R about $13 even though it was not very clean.

この辺りからは見所が満載なので、情報収集をするのと、疲れたんで1日オフ日を取った。唯一のキャンプ場は130R, 約1300円、質のわりにクソ高い。この所キャンプ場に恵まれない。

However, I met a French cyclist, Iva here. He was also taking a day off for on his way north. We had a good conversation, and I got some good informations from him.
I haven't met many cyclists in Africa, and even for those I've met, it was almost always on my way. It was good meeting him.


From this town, I will go a bit of inland and cycle through some nature reserve area. Then try to get to the cape of good hope from east. It was also suggested by Iva. he said it was so beautiful, so I'm looking forward to seeing there.
I will be arriving to the cape in 6 days; around the first of May.

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