Go on the last leg, 行くぜ最終区間

After cycling through Namibia; on the gravel for 800km, I still have energy to go on a dart road again.
I feel I have to see the beauty of nature. It doesn't matter how long I have to cycle on bad road.

あれだけナミビアで未舗装を走ったのにこりない私。それでも景色が良いなら行くしかない。Cederberg Wilderness Area

It was amazing scenery though the road was a bad condition. There were many plants I've never seen.


This is Rooibos plants in wild. Those used to be used by San-Bushman as medical plants. Now, many products of this have been exported to Japan.


Seemed Hiking was one of the good options to enjoy this area. There were plenty of trekking routes.


According to a tourist information, there are many bushman's rock arts left in this region. However, looked its impossible to find by myself unless I had a guide because there were no signs.


It was easy to manage the water. There were some places where fresh and cold water running.


In a reservoir, many water plants have grown on the bottom. I felt like observing a big nature aquarium tank from the top.


As I passed over the mountain region, the Wine Land had been appeared. This region is the main wine producing area in South Africa, and the wine from here has been exported for all over the world.


Another pass after Ceres

The vineyards were all over this place. The history of wine making in South Africa is actually long. It's even longer than America and Australia.
The quality of it is also recognized by several prizes.


Seemed the vintage of this year has been all done. The most of vineyards looked quiet. I wondered how the vintage was in this year.
I wished I had someone going wine tasting with. Since I don't want to drink wine alone, I just focused on cycling.
Perhaps, I should cerebrate my goal in Cape Town by taking some sparkling South African wine.

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