A day before the goal, ゴール前夜

April, 29, the cape of good hope has been on visible.


I was coming from east, and it was on my left hand side. The left side of the road was dropped to the ocean. There were many sea lions jumping.


In Boulders beach, I saw cape penguins.


Where I was was only about 50km away of the distance in a straight line. I have to cycle all the way along the ocean.
I will try to get to the cape point in the early morning of tomorrow.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 2/2 を表示

Tonight is the last bush camp. This is really the last. I wonder how many times I pitched my tent since the beginning. I feel a bit sad for bush camping. It has been giving me always the opportunity of the silentness and observing sparkling stars.
On the other hand, I am very happy to be able to sleep on the bed. I have really been sleeping in the tent since Zambia for everyday, it's really everyday.


I came through some surrounding area of the Cape Town today. It was busy and stressful. Im camping now only 16km away from the cape point. Its not very far from the town.
My camp spot of tonight is very calm and quiet. I hear a sound of small stream. Some time, I even hear the sound from baboons. This is really the last bush night.
For tomorrow, I will wake up really early.

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