Adventure cyclists, アドベンチャーサイクリスト達
I made a very interesting relationship with Japanese adventure cyclists. Each of them have experience for taking long distance bike tour such as crossing Asia, from china to Europe. Kokoro-san, one in this photo, just came back from 5 years bike tour. He is like professional pedalist. The conversation we had were very unusual like how they survive from Tibet dog, how they hide themselves from Chinese police inspection in Tibet. I thought it was awesome... I hope I can do like them.

最近、世界を旅したサイクリスト達と出会う機会があった。ユーラシア大陸横断したり、この中の一人、心さんは5年も世界を旅して、つい最近帰って来た人。みんな濃すぎて、会話がぶっ飛んでて面白かった。チベット犬からの逃げ方とか、中国公安からの隠れ方とか。普通じゃないよね(⌒-⌒; )

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