After the Goal, ゴールの日その後 Vol.1
This is my life in Cape Town. I had been camping in the bush for last few month but now staying a clean and nice cottage. What a change my life is.


South African couple, Richard and Beth kindly provided me this place. I was hooked up with them by my Italian friend. They are also cyclists and have experience crossing Africa by tandem bicycle before.


They are so nice to me. When I arrived to their place, They had already prepared a champagne.


Then, in the evening, they brought me a food market. I was given many congratulations by people there. Even the legendary South African rugby player, Chester Williams came to me and asked a photo with him.
It was a very nice night.

自分はラグビーの事は全く知らないのだけれど、南アフリカのラグビープレイヤーで、スーパースターらしい Chester Williams から写真を一緒に撮ってくれなんてお願いされたりして素晴らしいゴールの夜だった。

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