aid for developing countries, 途上国支援について
After I returned to my home, have started job-hunt. Meanwhile I am enjoying reunions with my friends in Japan and reading books. In this time, I posted some of my ideas that I had been thinking during my journey.


My experience for cycling in many part of the world is one of the most important events in my life, especially Africa gave me a lot of ideas. I was thinking in many times about the aids to developing countries.


Enormous amount of supports have been provided by developed countries and IMF. Japan had announced that we decided to aid to Africa 140 billion dollars for next 5 years in last year. It is a loooooot!!
Generally, the aid for developing country is good way to help people and countries.


However, I had started thinking the aid might cause negative reactions after visiting many part of Africa. I stayed many rural areas in Africa and saw that most of the people lived from hand to mouth. They don’t have much opportunity to work so very few incomes. NGO or whatever had made a school but some kids had to work for supporting him or her family. Just giving donations or things hadn’t changed their life!!


To improve their life is not succeeded by aiding or giving things. They need opportunities to work and get income. The money shouldn’t be the first, and developing the human power has to be the first aid.


Now I came back to Japan and am trying to get back normal life here. Recently, I coincidently found the book named “Dead Aid” Dambisa Moyo.


I was shocked many people had the same ideas I had and was delighted to find it. This is really recommended.


I was now seeing more fund raising campaigns in Japan compared to before. It seems social activities have been becoming more life standard here. It is good but however, it’s important to check how they will use aids; how effectively it has been used. If you cannot find it, shouldn’t stop.

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ただいま〜 モロまでベイFMの電波届いたのだね。ありがとうございます。そうだね、天気が安定して来たら集まろ
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