Will start working, 働き始めま~す

It’s been almost 2 months since I came back to Japan. Feels the time flow is much faster than when I was on the road. I have been meeting old friends and some guys i met on my way.

帰国してもう2ヶ月経とうとしていますね。 明らかに自転車を毎日漕いでいた時よりも時間が早く過ぎているような気がします。 ここ1ヶ月は地元の友人や旅で会った人との再会の連続でした

As some might know, I was visiting Okinawa, a southern small Island in Japan. There are some old school friends. I had been away from Okinawa for quite awhile, but they always welcomed me when I visited.


A beautiful island Okinawa.

The reason I visited Okinawa was that I found a job and would be difficult to have a combined holiday, let’s say 10days after getting started working. Some friends in oversea might be hard to understand that 0nly 10days holiday is difficult to obtain, but this is Japan.
When I was on the road, I was in many times trying to think how I should be like after finishing my journey. One day, I started clearly to be able to see my future, so it was not difficult to find the job.


I won’t be able to have free times like now but will try to start giving talks about what I saw and felt in this journey.


One of these YouTube video is from TV Saitama new that features on my journey. Unfortunately, all in Japanese. Another is from FM radio that I was on talk.

これは6月に放送されたテレビ埼玉の特集と、BayFM の The Flintstone に出させて頂いた時のものですので良ければ聞いてみて下さ~い。

テレビ埼玉, TV Saitama

Bay FM, The Flintstone

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