Started in Bali
Now I am in Ubud, a tourist town 40 km north from air port, Denpasar. So many westerners walking around here.


Arrived at airport about 2 am in the middle of the night. I expected that I could stay at air port, but it was closed right after my air plane was arrived. I was just standing and thinking what to do. Didn't want to move to the town nearby by taxi and didn't want to stay at expensive hotel there.

飛行場に朝の2時に到着したは良いけど、当初飛行場で朝まで泊まろうと思ってたのに、いきなり着いて速攻で締め出されてしまい、最初からピーンチ! この時間から街に行きたくないし、ホテルは高いから泊まりたくないし。

A guy working at baggage locker room came to me and said that two of my big boxes can be stored where he works. I decided to follow him because didn't want to take care of those in such situation.


When I placed my stuff at locker room, I asked him if I can lay down there till sun rise. Surprisingly, he said okay, so I could stay there till 6:30am safely.


Anyway, my adventure finally start running.


A lot of traffic.....especially motor cycle. No rules followed here on the road. Motor cycle goes opposite direction, don't follow traffic light, speeds crazy, and etc.. I think I won't be able to survive without helmet and mirror on my sun glass.


Street dog are everywhere. That is what Hindu is?? They usually like "leave me alone" but some dog chase me as usual. I got used to it when I was in the U.S. but still scares me.
Some time street monkey also. They don't budder me.

あと、野良犬がそこらじゅうにいる。これはヒンドゥーだから?だいたいは無関心だけど、たまに追いかけてくる奴もいる。 アメリカ時代に大分慣れたつもりだったけど、やっぱり怖いね。

Food is very nice and cheep.
I like Nasi Greng, a fried rice, a lot. It costs only 10,000RP, about 1 dollar. I tried other menu, and all of those cost about 10,000RP to 15,000RP.


The place to stay today is also very nice and cheep.
Only 100,000RP included breakfast. It is like Home Staying; two rooms in owner's property


People are very friendly and kids are so cute; smiling at me.


Overall, the first day of my adventure got done pretty well. I will be heading to North side of coast tomorrow. Will be a lot of up hills.

総合的に、旅初日は結構楽しかった。明日は島の北側の海岸を目指します。多分上り坂ばっかだろうな( ;´Д`)
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