Hell of upping hill
Up up up up, never going down or flat. I bit expected, but it was hard. Only 50 km moved forward; I usually can move 100km to 120km in one day.

ずーーーーと登った。一度も下らなかったし、平らにもならなかった。軽く想像してたけど、やっぱキツイね。普通なら日に100km ~120kmは進めるのに、この日は50で打ち止め。

Now, I am in Kintamani, sounds like Kintama. The elevation is about 1700m that means crime more than 1300m in 50 km...my legs got sore.

今はキンタマーニっていう観光地。名前がヒワイだね。標高1700m、寒いです。50km で1300m 登ったから、足がカグガク。

This village is located just the ridge of volcanic crater, so I can see huge caldera. However, it is cloudy so couldn't see the lake and mountain clearly.


Today's stay is dirty hotel room downstair of the restaurant. The view is awesome. The owner seems ass hall. He first told me 400000RP, about $40, for such crappy room. Through negotiation, the price went down 110000RP. I know this is tourist village so i deal with it.


Food for today was also interesting and nice. Try a flouts that people say very stinky, I forgot the name. Price was 20000RP. Smell was like new type of onion. Taste is...hnn...okay and sweet enough but I won't be willing to eat again.

こんな時は美味い食い物で癒される。今日は、あの臭いと有名な果物を食べてみた。名前何だっけ?2万RP. 匂いは新種の玉ねぎみたい。味は甘いし、まあまあだけど、次はないな(^_^;)

Tomorrow will go down all the way to north side of Bali.

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