On the way to the Ferry port, Gilimanuk
Day 3 in Bali.
All the way down to the north side of Bali. Bright sun on the peaceful island. Nice view on the way. Kids are always smiling and waving their hand. This is how the trip is supposed to be.


Did 110km. Now I am in Pulaki, a small village by the ocean that is 30km away from Ferry port located west side of Bali.

今日は110km ライド。今はプラキっていう、小さな海沿いの村。ここからジャワ島行のフェリーが出てる港まで30km。

Tomorrow, will take the Ferry to Jawa island.


There are many of things following photo on the side way in Bali. At the beginning, I wondered way people place those every morning. I asked people and they said those are things for their God for thanking for that they stay safe and healthy everyday. It's similar to Japanese Shinto.


I didn't see a lot of part of Bali this time because I want to take some hike and visit some temple in Jawa. hope will come back to see here with girlfriend. Nice people and interesting culture. Can say a island of smile.Selamat Jalan Bali!!

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