In this morning, took the ferry(8000RP, about $0.8)to Jawa island. Now I am in Banyuwangi. People here mostly belong to Muslim. After got out of the ferry, Azarn, sound of Muslim, started sounding around.

今朝、フェリー(8000RP, 70円くらい)に乗り、ジャワ島へ。


It's little bit early, but I booked the hotel, 65000RP. Walked around this town and explorer around here. Wanted to buy a knife because I think I left mine at my home. I eat a lot of flouts everyday so need to have one to peel off.

少し早いが、ホテル(65000RP, 600円くらい)を見つけ 、街に繰り出す。目的の一つは家に忘れたと思われるナイフを買うため。毎日沢山果物を食べるから、これがないと皮がむきずらい。

This is normal bath room in cheep hotel. Only water can be used and need to wash my ass with my left hand.

When I walked on the street and buy some mangoes, a woman asked to help me. See took me a store and find one for me. I wanted to buy a cell phone also so she also helped me. She took my a cell phone shop by her motor cycle. I tried to fined a pre-payed phone but price was bit expensive; about 380000RP, $35. I gave up and decide to keep using my Skype.


Will be heading to Mt.Merapi to take a hike tomorrow. If I can get there successfully, I will be able to see huge volcanic lake.

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