To Volcanic Lake, Ijen
This was first experience for me to push my bike all the way. A person I met hotel yesterday said "better not to go because road is very very difficult, many many rocks". I thought he meant for hiking on the mountain. But it was not.


Very rough and many rocks and very steep.


However, I could see many monkey on the tree, real jungle and meet interesting people. This is the main part of bike tour. I am very happy with it.


Took 8 hours for 33km from the town. I couldn't make it by myself. When I was struggling to move forward on this rough road. I met a hiking guide, Sam, and he helped me to push my bike. Without him, I couldn't go up. He helped me all the way to the top and brought some snack and lunch for me. Very nice on him.

33km に8時間かかった。実際、自分だけではどうにもならなかった。完敗です。岩がゴロゴロの坂を押してる時、ジャワ人ガイドのサムと知り合い、彼に一緒に押してもらった。彼と合わなかったら、間違いなく引き返してただろう。しかも、途中で昼メシやスナックとかも差し入れてくれて、本当良い奴だ。

I stayed at a hotel at trail head and had a dinner with local people. We had many interesting conversation about how they work how they think of politics here. This is the advantage of bike tour; more opportunity to meet local because they are very curious about why I am doing this.


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