Hike to Lake Ijen
Woke up about 1am and started hiking. Why it's so early was to see the blue fife from the crater; Volcanic Gas keep burning.

1am に起床してイジェン 湖へ。硫黄が燃えて青い火が吹き上がるのを近くから見れるらしい。

I went with Sam and local traveler Puput. Walked about 3 hour under the full of stars on the sky.


After passing the ridge of crater, saw the blue fire burning up from the bottom. We walked down to the bottom. It was like walking down to the hell. Feel so creepy.


Just about 20m away from where the fire coming up. Very strong volcanic gas smell start killing my nose. We took some photo and went up very quick. There are many people working in the bottom and correct the material from the Gas. They carried those from there to the trail head. The weight of their basket full of salfer is about 60kg. I can believe how they are strong and brave.



After sun rose, the lake came out from the Gas. Huge Green lake was surrounded by rocky cliff, and felt like in different plant. We stayed there for a while and headed down.


2days stay with Sam is done. bit sad to leave here, but need to move forward. Now I am heading West.

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