To center of Jawa, ジャワ島の真ん中へ
Keep pedaling since I left Mt.Bromo. Only I can see is rice feeld. Seems it's about the time for them to crop those. Many people work together like people in country side of Japan used to do.


Stop and find a hotel. Take a shower and relax until sun set. About 5:30pm, Azarn started around. People start doing back home. I don't know why it's letting me relax. Do Japanese society need this time? People work work without checking time. When they realized it, it's already passed couple years. Then thought "what i got done last few years?". ....I just thought.


日本社会にもこんな時間がもっとあって良いんじゃないかな~ 時計を見るのも忘れて働いて働いて、気付いたら数年経ってたりなんかして。そんで「ここ数年何したっけ?」なんて。
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