Borobudur, ボロブドゥール遺跡
I finally met cyclists from UK, Tom and Germany, Ania. They've been on the bike 1.5 years, from Europe to here.I've been alone for 2weeks so am very happy meeting with them. Nice information exchanged and conversation. It makes tiredness away.


Today was the day off. We went to Borobudur Temple and looked around.


I cannot believe that world biggest Budist temple had been belied until recently. People still don't know the reason why this is created.


For my opinion from little knowledge, this was buerly by people. Because of that the mud on the bottom of this temple, that people who build this at the beginning used is same as the mud covered this temple. That means somebody took those mud same place. The country created this got week by the time the constriction done, and the Buddhists got minority in this country. Might people belongs to other religion have done. A lot of masterly remained.

どうやら、遺跡の下の土と、埋める時に使った土が同じらしい。この寺院が出来上がる頃には、造った仏教国も衰退していたらしく、仏教もこの国では少数派になっていったみたい。だから、違う宗教派の人間が埋めたんじゃないかな? 謎多き場所です。

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