My destination of cycling in Indonesia, Dumai. インドネシアの目的地ドマイ
Following the oil pipeline; oil industry is owned by chevron, last 2 days, now I got to Dumai. This is the my distention of cycling in Indonesia. I will take a ferry and be in Malaysia on Tuesday.


Pumping oil for 1 million barrels every day. 一日100万バレル。

It took time in Indonesia more than I thought, but cycling in Sumatora was really fun even though so many upping down here; nice people and variety of scenery; Jungle, beeches and small quiet villages . Now, I feel I can go up any steep hills.


In Sumatra, I stayed in Police office many times. They were mostly welcoming and sometime invited me to stay at their own house and provided meals. I really thank to Indonesia police officers.


Police office, インドネシアの警察署。you can fine a office on the way very often. 道沿いに警察署がけっこうある。

Officers, 警察官。They are very friendly. 気さくな人が多い。

Indonesia is a really big country so many things I couldn't see in this time. I will come back for sure.


Teri Makashi !! Indonesia
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