Bye bye Indonesia and Welcome to Malaysia
I safely arrived to Melaka, Malaysia. The Ferry going to Malaysia was delayed about 3 hours; arriving about 3:30pm, so I couldn't have much time to look around here. Will do tomorrow and go get a map of Malaysia.


My first impression of Malaysia is very clean. I don't see much ravish on the street like many ravish I saw in Indonesia. Seems social system here works in Malaysia.


The port in Dumai. Took the Indomal Express. ドマイ港, インドマルエクスプレスに乗船

Bye bye Indonesia

Welcome to Malaysia.

First stay in Malaysia; Travelers lodge. Very clean. Cannot believe this is only 25RM(about $5) マレーシアでの一泊目 トラベラーズロッジ。この綺麗さで約500円とは信じられません。

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