Day 3 in Melaka, マラッカ3日目
Staying 3 night at very comfortable hotel in Melaka, I feel I got enough energy charged to move forward. From tomorrow, I will start to pedal again.


I was supposed to go on west coast, but I changed my mind to go on central part since the cyclists I met in Sumatra told me that the cycling in west coast was pretty boring.


There will be more mountain and tropical rain storm in the central part. I should be fine because I got over crossing Sumatra which was extremely hilly island and became like Super Siazin.


This town used to be colonized by Holland. See many mixed culture in the town; Europian, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese. 昔オランダの植民地 、街中のいたるところに混ざり合った文化が見られます。

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