Taman Negara N.P, タマンネガラ国立公園
Took a side trip by bike. It's 70 km for one way. Since I am an outdoor person, there are not many interesting place to visit in Main part of Malaysia; many places in this country have became plantation.

Taman Negara N.P is the only place I am interested in and I can visit on the way. There are twe way I can reach here; one is by small boat and second is by bus or car. I chose my bike. It was pretty nice ride; very few traffic. However, even just right before N.P., many part of jungle became plantation. I know this industry is very important for this country to grow, but the view of it makes me a bit sad and shame on us as people who live in a developed country.



Anyway, It took me 4 hours to get here. Now, I'm staying at a hotel in small village, Kuala Tahan, located other side of river; people who stay in this village need to cross this river by boat to go inside of it.


I arrived here about noon so took a short hike. Entrance fee is 1RM and bringing Camera fee is 3RM which I still don't understand why they charge for cameras.

昼くらいに到着したから、ちょっと公園内に入ってみた。エントランスに1RM カメラ持ち込みに3RM。未だにカメラ持ち込み料の意味がわからない。

In Jungle, even though I just hiked few hours, I saw many animals like birds, giant salamanders and etc. There were canopy walk, so I walked 40m upper ground of jungle. It's very scary but nice to see jungle from high spot.


For tomorrow, will do long hike.
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