In to the Jungle
Staying in Taman Negara for 5 days, I took several hikes.


It's very impressed to see different vegetation, animal and bugs of jungle.


A big tree with big root, デカイ木と根っこ

A huge ant, 巨大なアリ

A huge ?? bug, 巨大なコオロギ

A morning in jungle, ジャングルの朝

Hiked to a hill where I could see mountains in Taman Negara National Park. タマンネガラ国立公園の山々を見渡す丘へ

My shoes after hiking, ハイキング後の靴

I met a Japanese guy, Ide san, again in the hostel; I met him in Melaka.
We hiked to a place for watching animals that people call "Bum Bum". We stayed over night in Jungle. It was also very nice experience for us to stay here. We could see a deer, an animal flying a tree to a tree, light bugs and etc. It was very creepy also...


Bun Bun, 動物観察小屋

The view from it, そこからの眺め

A deer came for drinking water, 水を飲みに来たシカ

However, in these hikes, the biggest problem I didn't expect was this.


Leeches, ヒル

Lleches are everywhere on the trail and waiting for people to go through. Once step on them, they crime on my legs and suck my blood. The bleeding doesn't stop in an hour. I was probably sucked my blood for a litter total during my stay in this N.P.


Bloody floor of Bun Bun, 血まみれの動物観察小屋

After hiking, my legs became like a legs serious injured. ハイキングの後、足が大怪我したのごとく血だらけに。

Left a lot of foot prints and blood in Taman Negara N.P., 沢山の足跡と血痕を残して来ました。
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