Applying 2 month visa for Thailand, タイ2ヶ月ビザ申請
After looking around this town during weekend, went to the embassy of Thailand which was about 5 km away from Georgetown.


The embassy was quite small and not busy at all.

I wanted to get a 2 month double entry, but they had only 2 month and 3 month single for us.


Filling out a form and gave it to an officer at 9am, then picked up my passport with the visa by 3pm. It's quicker than I thought. Cost 110RM

アプライフォームに記入し、係官へ9時に提出。 15時には出来上がり。思ってた以上に早い。費用は3000円くらい。

From tomorrow, I will head to Thailand, and it will take only 2 days to get the border.

A beach in Penang island. It's not interesting place. Since I know the ocean in Okinawa. it's not fascinating.

Every morning, in many places you can see street markets.

During night, so many food carts came out along streets. All of them are really good. 夜になると屋台がそこらじゅうから道沿いに湧き出てくる。みんな美味しい。check a photo album to see more. アルバムに写真を沢山のっけてます。
I consider Penang as Kuidaore which means the town of eating. 個人的に、ペナンは食い倒れの街

The breakfast I alway eat. A guy moves very fast to make a chap chay. 毎日のように食べてる朝飯。すごいスピードで一枚のチャプチャイを作ってる。

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