The last night of Malaysia, マレーシア最後の夜
What I want to see in the last night of Malaysia was a beautiful Mosque. In here, a town "Alor Star", there is one of the most beautiful mosque; people says, in Malaysia.


Since I wont go through muslim countries by central Asia, I wanted to see this.


I got here at 4pm. Took a shower and looked around here. About before sun set, went to the mosque.


The sun was just about right next to the mosque, it was one of best view in my list of Malaysia. Couldn't stop taking picture. Hope I can update some photo taken by my first camera in my web photo album soon.


At last.....a bit serious.
In Malaysia, people in different race live peacefully, and they strongly proud of living in here. This is what some country still fighting need.


I still don't really figure out what things make this country such way. For my guessing, many cultures came into this county historically since this area was one of the main transition point where many ships from different countries stopped. For instance, England was used to colonize this country, and Indians came long ago to trade. I think people are very good at how to manage themselves in new cultures.


On the other hand, there are still big gap between rich and poor. Seems a policy "Bumiputera", a government policy that pushes up middle class, don't work properly. When I have a conversation with a local local, he says that that policy works only few wealthy people and the money still goes to only rich people. Because of that people didn't have much resources to know the real; TV or News paper which most of them run by government.


Now they got Internet and there are not strong restriction. People get smarter and more power to say what they need.


Malaysian are very smart, and this country grows fast, so near future they might become a reader of south east Asia.


Cycling in Malaysia was pretty interesting.


What waiting for me in next country, Thailand....

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