To Thailand, タイへ
The god of Taman; I just named, didn't let me enter Thailand easily. I probably made her angly because I killed a lot of leeches.


The wind blew against where I go, so it was hard to push peddle. It pushed me back very slow. Many cyclists hate head wind. But eventually go to a village located 20km away from the border. I choose a local road R15 to cross the border because this road go through Tahal Ban National Park.


Of cause, N.P. normally located in mountainous area, I needed to go up.


In this map, see many switch-backs. I pushed myself very hard but as I said before that my legs became already super man, I could pass those eventually.


At the top, I could see gorgeous view of where I came. I felt the got of Taman now forgave me and said good-bye.


After about 10 kilometers going down, reached the border. It's very small and only few people I saw.


Finally, now, I'm in Thailand.

There were some small stores in this side. After that the road goes into jungle.


On the way down, I stopped by a stream coming out from a cave. There are so many little fish that I probably saw in aquarium store in my town. I really like to correct those fish and find out what kind of fish those are.


Like before hiking in Taman Negara, I found many kind of water plants that i know in streams.


I think if people who like aquarium came here and watched these, they will be very excited. For me also, always checking streams on the way is always exciting moments during a day .


To continue
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