The country of smile, Thailand, 微笑みの国タイ
Seems it's true that Thailand is the country of smile. People mostly smile when they make an eye contact.
It's very nice while riding bike.


After cycling 5 days from Penang, I arrived to Krabi, a beach resort in south of Thailand.


Hnn, what shoul do for tomorrow...

Saw mant "Tuku Tuku" in Trang, a town 120km south east of here. I thought those are only in Bangkok.


I met a guy,Ed from the U.K. who started his motor cycle tour from kuala lumpur. He brought his Honda 90 super cub from the U.K. and going back to his country.


In Night market in Krabi, a sushi store with a paper lantern of Takoyaki.


A market in the morning, 朝市

Sew many waterfalls on the way here. ここにくるまでの道のり、滝が沢山

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